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*After the formalities of proper introductions, the crew that had come together began to have some fun in the small office of Rouge's. Sonic turned on a small radio in the room and sang out of tune to one of his favorite songs, getting a few laughs from from the old friends and even from the new one, but Shadow plugged his ears in both abit of embarassment and agony at the horrible sound. This insult created a bit of an argument after Sonic made the comment about still being faster for his lack of singing talent, striking on the hot iron of their age old rivalry. Meldok somehow got thrown into the middle when the two began to ask him questions about his speed and strength. Rouge sat on the front of her desk and watched the two rivals drag the unsuspecting guest into the fray as Ashley stood beside her to see the show*

Rouge: So you said you painted him blue right?

Ashley: Yeah, Halloween hair paint. It'll come out with some warm salt water

Rouge: Mmmmm well either way he can make anything look good.

Ashley: *she chuckles at the unheard compliment* You've never changed.

Rouge: Oh come on just look at him. No offense to the other two, but it's obvious the new guy could break 'em both like twigs, but I get that vibe of sweetness from him.

Ashley: Oh you just say that because he had a response to your pervy comment.

Rouge: No I promise I'm speaking from the mind here. Look at him for a second just really take a good look. He's a little taller than the other two, he's slightly thicker from muscle structure, and those eyes.....mmmmm god I'm a sucker for sapphires staring at have all the luck why can't a guy like that drop outta the sky for me?

Ashley: What about Shadow? You worked with him for so long and you could've created a relationship with him

Rouge: No.......his heart's with someone else.....someone who's not here anymore.....She was like a mother, a sister, and a true friend all in one. She's been dead fifty years and he still talks about her like she were standing right next to him. Kinda sad, but I like that.....and I respect his commitment enough to leave him with those memories and that love for her. I'm not a complete bitch ya know.

Ashley: *she jokingly responds with a small insult knowing Rouge can handle it* Oh sometimes I wonder you DID take that top from Amy and never gave it back after all.

Rouge: Oh ha ha I'll give it back.......eventually. *she thinks of a sly joke to mess with her* Hey wait I'm not the guilty one you're all alone up in the woods with this guy lord only knows what you two are doing?

Ashley: No I have no feelings like that for this guy I'm just trying to help him.

Rouge: Please I can tell when someone has the hots for another person. It's all in the way you look at him.

Ashley: I just met him I don't feel anything for him I promise. I wanna help him get home and that's it. I think it's sad that he doesn't have a home planet to go to though.

Rouge: See that's how love is. It starts out as a small little thought like that, kinda like the seed of a plant, and before long that seed begins to grow as you feed it your feelings and all these new thoughts, then it blossoms into the flower of love.

Ashley: You've been reading waaaaaay too many romance novels.

Rouge: Whether I'm reading them or not, admit that you like him a little, just admit it come on you like the way he looks, talks, smells, and acts.

Ashley: *she smiles slightly in defeat and blushes a bit* Alright alright I do like the way he looks, but I haven't been close enough to smell him, and yes I do like the way he acts. He's very respectful and least I think he is....

Rouge:...He is.....just the way he's told his story tells me that he's very honest. In fact, his heart rate hasn't increased once, except when Shadow brought up "Sonic" coming over on a ship, but either way that's the main sign someone's lying.

Ashley: *she looks at Rouge with a confused look that relays her question perfectly*

Rouge:....I'm a bat sweetie, I can hear his heart......wanna know something funny?*she smiles broadly looking into Ashley's eyes*....your heart and his beat with the same rhythm.

Ashley: *She bursts out laughing and catches her breath after a few seconds* Oh my god, you just wanna force me to get a boyfried huh?

Rouge: Well one, I'm not lying if you don't believe put your head on his chest and listen, and two yes absolutely. I really think a good man like him will make you VERY happy.

Ashley: But I'm already happy. I've been fine on my own and I'm happy I promise.

Rouge: Yeah I know, but....I can't properly explain it, but it's know you're happy now and you can't see how you could be even happier, but somehow when you have someone who knows everthing about you, someone who loves even if you were to go out and shave your head bald, someone who trusts you enough to share all of who they are with gives you a different kind of*she bgins to grin and blush remeniscing about a love she had once* it's just...the greatest mystery in the world and you can only solve it when you feel it.

*Ashley smiles at her friend as the boys had continued to talk amongst themselves, not one word heard of the heartfelt conversation the girls just had*

Sonic: Look Shadow, I could beat you any day, anytime, anywhere, and I bet this guy could do the same, can't ya Mel?

Meldok: No I don't think so. My hands are faster than my feet I'm not really a runner.

Shadow: See, he knows real speed when he see's it. How fast can you run, by the way?

Meldok: Oh umm.....I've never been tested like that before, but I can snatch a silk cloth through a jet turbine going full speed without the cloth getting damaged.

Sonic: No way I don't believe you.

Shadow: I believe him. I've seen some people who can snatch flies out of the air with chopsticks.

Sonic: You saw that the movies.....I took you to that movie, come to think of it.

Shadow: Well there's only one way to test him *he holds up a napkin* Snatch this from my hand as fa..*he was cut off when he blinked for the fraction of a second and, suddenly, the napkin was in Meldok's hand before the feeling of his fingertips touching from the napkin's absence hit his brain* ....there you have it

Sonic: WHOA!.....I didn't even see that!

Meldok: Keep in mind, it's not like what I described

Sonic: *a smirk creeps across his face* You should run with us tomorrow....

Meldok: Oh no I promise I'm not as fast as you think

Shadow: You don't have to be. You can run the course we do, just slower.

Sonic: No way is this guy slow. I bet he could give us both a run for our rings. C'mon it'll be fun!

Meldok:....Alright, I guess. Just tell me where to show up and what time.

* Sonic smirked once again as they continued to talk, the subject switching from speed to questions for their guest about himself and where he came from. The evening went on until night fell and the club's crowd changed to its usual hardcore night crowd. At this sign, the four visitors left and went their separate ways in the streets. Rouge had given Ashley a lot to think about as she walked a few feet behind Meldok. After a block or so, he turned to her concerned*

Meldok: Are you alright? You've been very quiet.

Ashley: Huh?...Oh..Yeah I'm fine...Hey what do you want for dinner? We could pick up some food and take it home.

Meldok: Anything you want to eat, I'll try it with you.

*She smile to herself and took him by the hand, excitedly running to the nearest asian restaurant. Little known to them, outside the building, in a dark alley across the street, a small robot floated in the air, watching the two of them carefully. The robot's body was perfectly rounded with a single lense in the center, about the size of a basketball. The small droid ran a quick scan, but could not match either of the figures to the target, Meldok's disguise had worked, then it ran an energy signature scan and came up with the match it had been searching for. This spy began to send a signal back to its place of origin in the mountains causing the robot that had landed a week earlier, to come out of its hybernation state and recall all the probes, except for the one following the two*

Amy, Sonic, Shadow, Rouge (c) Sega, Sonic Team

Ashley (c) :iconshadowlover245:

Meldok (c) me

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