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"We never wanted it to be this way I promise you. We only wanted what was best for our people as a whole. I'm so sorry for our mistake. We wanted to make it so you wouldn't have to pay for our mistakes. We wanted to make our world easy for our children and theirs. We wanted a perfect world, but I guess we failed you. Our burden is now going to weigh on your shoulders. We never wanted that to happen. We wanted you to grow up being able to do what you please, learn, find a mate, have kids, work with the nobles, or anything you wanted. We wanted you to be able to look to the skies overhead and realize that not even the skies above are limits for you. Our people were proud, too proud to see the evil that had become our symbol of strenght had also become a symbol that shone like the fires of the underverse itself. Do not mourn us, but learn from us. Learn the rights and wrongs, don't be blinded with the petty concepts of pride or prestige. Be better than we ever could. Find your way. I'm so sorry I failed to be there for you, but your mother and I love you very much. You were....are the greatest thing that ever came into our lives and know that whatever you do will make us proud as long as you're safe and happy. Goodbye."

Meldok: *he slowly closes the holographic message and gazed out of the observation window, on his flagship "The Renneshawn", into the dark void, flecked with the dots of an infinite number of stars. His ear twitched at a slight sound in the darkness of a corridor beside him* Come out.

*Sonic walked out of the corridor into the view of his captain. The dim glow from the stars outside illuminated the corridor as if a moon were close by. Sonic approached his employer, standing beside the crimson hedgehog*

Meldok: You know I expected Shadow to be following me, but you? It's truly a surprise.

Sonic: Sorry. I didn't mean to stink up your personal time. *he jumps up, sitting on the rail that prevents people from getting to close to the observation window* So I assume that message was about Ion's rise to power?

Meldok: *he looks to Sonic with a slightly smug look* Ah an Einstein too? Wow I gotta update your record, but yes and no. Ion was mearly the fuse to set off the powder keg that was our home. I don't know how much you remember of what was going on, socially, economically, and religiously, but from what Koga told me, you were inducted into the Phalanx Project very early right?

Sonic: *he looks out into the black sea around them*...Yeah....all I remember....was blood...pain...and screams.

Meldok: I feel for you. You can hate me for those memories.

Sonic: *he looks back with a puzzled look* Huh? Why would I hate you for that project?

Meldok: Well....legend said that my breed was born from the blood of the god, known as, Phalanx. Because of this, we were viewed as a sort of elite trooper and, were thus, bred in mass quantity for the roles of soldier and guardian, but when inbreeding lead to disfiguring and crippling mutations, they found other means of creating super soldiers. That's where the Phalanx Comet comes into play. It was said that, in his last days, Phalanx knew he would die soon and so he created an object of the most resilient crystal found on our planet and infused the remaining life force he had into it. The object was then hurled into space to orbit around the planet as a permanent sign that their god was never too far from his people.

Sonic: Sounds like he meant well. I'm sure he just wanted to be able to give a physical sign of hope to all the people he cared for.

Meldok: Yes. That's exactly what it was meant for. God or not, he felt for his people and wanted to show them that they could make the impossible possible. Keep in mind, they managed to get an object, the size of one of those football fields on earth, into orbit before we discovered true space and orbital travel.

Sonic: *smirks* Okay NOW I think you're yanking my chain. If they didn't have rockets, how did they get it up there?

Meldok: No one knows.....some stories say that he used the last of his physical energy to hurl it, then fell over dead and others say his will power caused it to fly into the sky.

Sonic: That's all a rich history and all, but I'm more interested in your story.

Meldok: *he looks over in wide eyed surprise at such an odd request* Mine?

Sonic: *he lowers his ears and rubs the back of his head* Sorry if it's painful for you. You don't have to tell me if you don't wanna...just thought I should get to know my captain and what things could piss you off enough to kill me.

Meldok: *he chuckled slightly at the joke* No it's not painful at all, just odd. You're the first person to ever ask me. Everyone I really got close too already knew like Red, Ivy, Argaroth, and his soul. True they're family, but my dad and Argaroth didn't exactly see eye to eye, so we were the secluded part of the family. I guess that's where I could start.

"We lived in a very secretive village, hidden from the eyes in the sky by trees and from the prying view of travelers by hidden entrances through inrticate cave systems. We chose to live here after a law had passed, deeming all pure bred Kuralians to be violent abominations. My uncle had taken the approach of many and taken to the stars in his own ship, but my father was stubborn. My father, mother, younger sister, and I all lived in this tightly knit community. We never had much, but we had enough to get by. At the time I was....oh twelve when we lived in Shadrianna. There were farms, a school, and even a large hidden stream the kids would go skinny dipping in during the summer months."

Meldok: *sticks his head out of the water gasping for air* HA fourty seconds. Beat that Tarut!

Tarut: *the younger green shaded male had an uneasy look on his face, his ears folded foen in fear* B-but what if I pass out and drown?

Meldok: You won't drown I promise I won't let you. You're my best bud I could never have fun ever again without you.

Tarut: But what about that time you made me take the fall for those nude magazines?

Meldok: Well ya see..

Tarut: *cuts him off* And that time you ran off when we got busted for looking into the girl's shower room when the volleyball team was cleaning up?

Meldok: Now those girls were aski..

Tarut: *cuts him off again* And that time you broke Mr Zanzino's window with my baseball?

Meldok: Alright alright I get it, but we can't get in trouble for this. Think about it. Every kid in this village swims here, so why aren't they in trouble?

Tarut: *he thinks for a moment then looks to his friend* I'm going for fourty-five *he takes a deep breath and dives under the water of the stream, using little effort to fight the weak current*

*Meldok walks over to the bank, where their clothes were, and picked up his watch to time Tarut, when he noticed a girl about their age was watching them. He'd never seen her before in school, nor in the town gatherings. He could only stare at her royal purple figure until he heard his father's voice booming from the other bank*

Byron: SON!

Meldok: *He jumps in surprise with a gasp*

Tarut: *pops his head out of the water with the same look of fear* Uh oh...

Byron: *he looks over to the direction that his son had been staring, to see the female. His face shifted from a scowl to a full on, teeth gritted, expression of rage* YOU GIRL! LEAVE NOW!

*The girl's expression of a blank stare had not changed, even when she turned and walked towards the cave system's entrance*

Meldok:*gets out of the stream and stands infront of his dad looking up. An uneasy feeling crept into the pit of his stomach when he noticed his father still staring at the spot where the girl was*

Byron: *after a few seconds, he looks down to his son* What were you thinking?! Your mother was worried sick you didn't tell her you were coming here after school!

Meldok:*he winced at the yelling, his ears folding down to protect his hearing. He only answered in a soft, meek voice*..I-I'm sorry and Tarut just wanted to's so hot today.

Byron: *his voice softened, but his face seemed to wear a permanent scowl. This Kuralian was truly terrifying in appearance. His pattern of black tipped spines was identical to his son's, but the shade of red his base was seemed more a deep burgandy, the same dark tint as dried blood. His eyes were deep sapphire, again, like his son's, but these eyes seemed to carry a deep hatred for something, or someone, that was screaming to be released, but not on the most precious thing in his life* ...Just please tell your mother where you are going next time.

Tarut: *tears started to form in his eyes in fear* Are we in trouble Mr Byron?

Byron: *His head snaps to Tarut* just worried us......your mother has your dinner ready, by the way.

Tarut: *his face lights up with a broad smile as he scrambles to the bank of the stream, drying off with the towels the two of them had brought, and jumped into his clothes, then running towars his home*

Meldok: *Dried off and put on his clothes, but not at such a rapid pace. He noticed his father still standing in the same place, watching the other bank for that girl with the intensity of a hawk*

"My whole life, I never saw my dad smile. I only saw pictures of him smiling and those were very special occasions, like the ceremony to coronate my mother as his mate and the day me and my sis were born, course we didn't have many pictures either. I never asked why...he was my dad and all, but he seemed unapproachable. He was always working, or deep in thought, so he never really spoke to us, except when I was in trouble. I found out later why he never smiled though. Turns out he was a soldier in the Royal Army and lead an assault on an enemy position located on a beach somewhere in the southern islands. He was the only survivor, quite literally, the only living thing left.....and he came home with  the unwanted title of "The Bloody Sandman". My guess is he slaughtered all of the soldiers...the enemy and his own."

Okay this is a new take I'm trying. Please give me your feedback on any spelling errors you see or any plotholes you see cause I wanna make this airtight.

Sonic (c) Sega, Sonic Team

Byron, Tarut, Meldok (c) Me
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