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*Meldok walked over to a cabinet on the wall labeled "Fire Extinguisher", upon opening it, he pulled at a small handle in the back of cabinet to reveal a hidden drink bar*

Sonic: Wow do you have those all over the ship or something?

Meldok: Yes *he begins to pour a glowing light blue liquid into a glass* Only the commanders and myself know about these. Want some?

Sonic: What is it?

Meldok: Well I will warn you it has some alcohol in it, but it's like a mixture of soda, fruit punch, and eggnog.

Sonic: *his face wears a look of confusion and curiocity* Alright I'll try some.

*He poured a second glass and handed it to Sonic, who tenatively took a sip then another*

Sonic: Wow this is actually good.

Meldok: I know it's good I bought it.

Sonic: Don't be a smartass. So we've established your dad was an uber badass and you were pretty normal. What about your mom?

Meldok: My mom died after she gave birth to my sister and my sister died from a fever when we were taken prisoner and put into a work colony in the tin mines.

Sonic: Whoa what? You were put in work camps? Why?

Meldok: Well see...

"Ion didn't used to be all metal, he used to be a great organic general for the royal family. His old name was Hirudius and my father worked as a captain, a step below him on the food chain. At that time, my family and I lived in the city until a horrible event led to us moving. To start things off, our government used to be an monarchistic republic, the royal family had a major hand in developing laws, yet the people could over rule their actions in majority. Hirudius wanted change for the people, but the people were in a state of social unrest with a war that was happening off world. Our soldiers were spread far and thin driving back a strange enemy, I'll get to those later, but it was the fact that this war had gone on for thirty years and showed no signs of ending. Our king, Teagan, was pushing to extend the military leases we had with other races, but Hirudius was against this to the brink of treason."

*All the highest ranking officials of the government sat around a table while the king sat at the head with several of his generals, including Hirudius to his right. Cameras were all fixated on the king and this table of power, broadcasting to all the wavelenghts of media on the planet*

Teagan: *the purple and black banded hedgehog wore a grim look as he spoke* My brothers and sisters of Kuralia, a grave situation is befalling our soldiers. Supplies are running low and the wall of the fallen keeps growing in lenght each day. We are sending thousands of consolement letters each day to the families left behind. I have already made arrangements with the Vordak Empire as well as the Lazarians to extend our military leases until we can claim a tactical victory, but this is all set upon shaky ground. We need your vote, in the next census, on what you as a people want. We cannot, and will not, move in any sort of direction, unless you deem it so as a majority rule.

" What happened next was the climb to the top of the slide, that would be our destruction. Months in advance, Hirudius launched a campaign in the eyes of the public, but hidden from the royals, promising to end the war in a month's time, IF...he were appointed chairman of the state. He had all the general's support off the bad and some of the senate's, but he was dealing with them one by one. Those who didn't agree or wanted to show they couldn't be persuaded ended up mysteriously dead, and those who had families, miraculously, lived. All he needed was a chance to land the last critical blow....and he did"

*As the conference was about to close, Hirudius raised his hand to speak*

Teagan: Yes, you have the floor general.

Hirudius: My king, with all due respect, we can end this war in a matter of months with one clear victor, us. As you may know, but the public does not, our scientists have been perfecting a conceptual weapon that uses natural energies harvested from shards of the Phalanx Comet to launch bombs of pure energy as a means to bombard the planet from orbit. This weapon can and WILL win this war in our name. The enemy has nothing capable of planetary assault like this.

Teagan: *He scowled at this insulting argument, but kept his cool* Your plan is very sound general, but our target is not the civilians but the...

Hirudius: *he did the unthinkable and cut his king off during a live broadcast* Oh? And our soldiers are just that? Mindless drones for you to throw away as you wish? I'm tired of burying soldiers younger than I am....they have yet to experience life, some concieved children before they went to war only to never return.

Teagan: *this had been the last the king could take, but still he kept calm* Guards, please escort the general out of the chamber.

*The guards walked on either side of Hurudius. As he walked away he smiled to himself having completed his goal*

"That emotional display was what the people wanted. Everything was a setup to pass himself off as a bleeding heart that could solve all their problems. They were tired and they didn't want the war to be drawn out any longer. Then, just three days before the votes were to be cast, there was an incident that led to the people calling for royal blood. No one really knew how it happened, but the facts are a war veteran was shot by a royal guard while walking down the sidewalk infront of the palace. Riots broke out, and in the confusion, here comes Hirudius to save the day. He and the king got into a fight and he overpowered the king, killing him. Both the king and queen were beheaded, but the only child they had managed to get away. My father had begged for Hirudius to not go through with this plan, to let the people decide for themselves."

Sonic: *his face was slightly pale at the description of the event* wow.....they did that to the royal family?

Meldok: Yep...I watched it on, what you would call, TV. It happened live, everyone saw it in gory detail, but what scared me was they allowed it to happen.

Sonic:...So where was your dad that night?

Meldok: He took us into the basement, after sealing the remote steel door to our house, and we turned the lights out to make people think no one was home. We had an old small TV that had no sound, thanks to me dropping it, which we watched it on. Even after the king was dead, we couldn't sleep because of the noise from the rioters outside. It was like war. Imperial guards were fighting veteran soldiers and citizens were taking up arms against anything and everything. I think the death toll was about sixty-thousand or so.

Sonic: Just sixty? I figured it would be more seeing as we have these poweres.

Meldok: Yes everyone has the POTENTIAL for them, but not many had the application skills.

Sonic: Ah I see so that's the leader the message you've got is talking about?

Meldok: Yes. Ol' metal ass.

Sonic: How did he get that metal body by the way?

Meldok: Well, as I said before my dad worked for the imperial military, but my uncle Argaroth was a smuggler for the leader of a pirate group, so the two of them came up with a plan with some crown loyalists when Hirudius took over...

" They knew that order had to be restored. Martial law had been declared and showed no signs of lifting for months."

*In the basement of his home, Byron hosts this meeting to state his plan to the others*

Argaroth:....Bro, this plan is insane

Byron: It will be risky, but we can pull it off. All we need is the ion charge and we just put it under his dining table and set the bomb to go off when he gets near. Simple, quick, and effecive.

Argaroth: True, but if he survives...

Byron: *cuts him off* He won't.....I'll tend to that.

Sonic (c) Sega

Byron, Ion/Hirudius, Argaroth (c) Me


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Oh cool I'll see if I can work that in then
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