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(The Journey Begins)

*There is a saying that "a hero's work is never done", which is more true for some, especially Sonic the Hedgehog. Mere months after defeating the Metarex, forces have begun to gather in the shadows that will threaten not only the blue blur himself, but a whole new scale altogether, but as colossal events go, it has a simple beginning.*

*Our hero is enjoying the peace of his home while three individual pods with the same structure as steel coffins with a single rounded window for the occupants to look out, rocket towards the ruins of an ancient echidna city while a massive vessel hides in the shadows of the planet's dark side, monitoring all atmospheric traffic. As the pods crash down into the trees of the jungle surrounding the derelict city with fiery impacts, alarms begin to sound on the ship in the shadows. Orders are barked among the crew as a single individual jumps into a pod that is launched several miles from the impact site of the first three to avoid detection. Contrary to the desired effect, the light show was observed by a few individuals who began to move in the general direction. Knuckles leaped from the Master Emerald's altar charging towards the edge of the floating island, leaping into the air, and gliding through the air in the direction of the three clustered impacts. Dr Eggman launched an eye-bot scout from his tower into the jungle canopy.
Sonic paused for a moment, taking notice of the rising smoke, and darted in that direction*

*At the impact site, three individuals stepped out of the pods, clad in dark steel armor. The designs were purely for functionality reflecting the same simple design as their pods, only contouring to each of the occupants bodies. One very large and burly, one slender with a medium, almost human build, and one 3 ft with a very large helmet with curved spikes on the back. The medium individual presses several buttons on a miniature computer on his wrist as his pod opens two side panels and six orbs float into the air as red fan shaped lights begin to shine out of all the orb's sides. The orbs spin slowly as they float into the ruined city scanning each nook and  symbol, with the three pod occupants in tow.*

Medium Occupant:*keeping a close eye on his wrist computer as he walks between the largest and the smallest of them* The scans show an intermixing of cultures, some of the characters have aspects of the target group while the improvised side could be the natives adapting the language into their own.

Small Occupant: Then it's just like he explained, that answers where the emeralds came from.

Medium Occupant: The question is how do we find them now that we're here? We have no energy sample to base our scans on.

Small Occupant:*he presses a button on his wrist as a compartment on his chest opens revealing the red chaos emerald* I have one of the emeralds with me, we can use it like a hot and cold sensor to find the Master Emerald, that's our goal the other's are not important.

Large Occupant:*after a guttural grunt he speaks his mind* Why we need pretty rocks? They no can smash like me.

Small Occupant: We were asked to get them, that's what we will do. It is not our concern what our employer does with what we give to him

Medium Occupant: Speaking of which, Who IS our employer?

Small Occupant: I never met him. All I know is I owe him my life for bringing me back from the brink of death so I don't care who they are or what their motives are. I get my orders through audio recordings, or live audio feeds the same as you two.

Medium Occupant: However you've been working for this person longer than we have, this big guy is a fighting arena star on Talos 3, and I am just scientist who worked on an alternate form of energy amplification using neutrons. You MUST know something more than we do about who or what we're here for.

Small Occupant: Well I don't so get used to it. Let's set up base camp here, split up, and cover more ground for our search. If you find the guardian, capture him alive and I will interrogate him.

Medium Occupant:*he pulls out a pistol from a chamber of his armor on the side of his leg* You are going to tell us EXACTLY what we want to know and don't play dumb.

Large Occupant:*he snorts slightly as he speaks again* Puny thing know more. Puny thing tell so we eat, me hungry, me want go home soon

Small Occupant:*in a flash he snatches the pistol away and breaks it into the pieces that make the weapon work* I will say one thing, you're in way over your head if you want to betray me, now find the guardian like I said

*While the entire conversation was going on between the three hunters, a cloaked figure crouched hidden behind a pylon of the city's courtyard broadcasting back to the ship lurking in the planet's shadow as a female voice speaks to him through a wireless ear bud*

Voice: Good job 31, we are recording what the audio sensors are picking up

31: *he whispers as he speaks into a small microphone* Course of action?

Voice: We are to only observe, sorry. You've done enough by setting up a spy cam and audio capture to identify them.
31:  I can't sit by while that small one has an energy source like that. I can feel it from here

Voice: You can?…..That's strange we aren't picking up anything on the scanners.

31: If things get any more heated I'm gonna jump in there and handle it.

Voice: No no you can't! We have to stay out of sight you know the rules.

31:  *He begins to scrape the microphone with a small pebble and cutting his voice out* Sorry….cutting….out……ear….you.

Voice: Don't you dare turn off the communication so help me if you do I'll…*the speaker was turned off at the last second*

31: *As he turns off the communications, a small sensor beeps in his ear as movement is picked up headed in the direction of the three scouting the ruins* Did they have backup?

*As the small and medium hunters began to set up computer consoles, while the larger of the three sat by the door keeping watch, Knuckles touched down on one of the walls of a building overlooking the courtyard*

Knuckles: Who are you and why are you here?

Small Occupant: *he looks up to the echidna standing on building* Well, looks like the search just became easier.

Medium Occupant: So that's the guardian huh? Should be easy to get the information out of him.

*The medium sized hunter snaps his fingers as his larger team member barrels through the door. The medium individual then points to Knuckles and the large one roars out with an animalistic sound, jumping at lightning speed towards the red echidna. Knuckles moves to the side at the last second as the large alien swings his arm back handing his smaller opponent to the ground below then pouncing on top of the target with all of his weight. Knuckles grunts at he struggles to hold back the massive form, but is met with the larger figure grabbing him by the head, lifting him out from under the opponent's weight, and throwing him through a weakened pylon, causing some of the rubble to fall onto him*

Large Occupant: *snorts* Puny thing get smushed

*The large alien raises his fist high, as Knuckles pushes a rock off of himself. As the alien begins to bring his arm down to impact a blue streak dashes through the impact zone as he hit's nothing but rock*
Knuckles:*leans against a wall* It's about time you showed up, so much for being the fastest thing alive

Sonic: Well I couldn't run through the jungle, because I didn't wanna trip on a root. Maybe relocate the island to a nice flat plain?

Knuckles: Whatever let's take care of these jokers, you get the big one and I take the other two

Sonic: Can do *he darts up to the large alien* Yoo hoo over here *as the alien swings he moves to the side* Aw c'mon you can do better than that *he avoids another swing* you must really hate the dirt

Knuckles:*while Sonic is distracting the larger of the three, he slams into the medium one with a powerful right hook, knocking him into the smaller  one and both skid on the ground*

Small Occupant:*knocks his companion out of the way when they stop skidding and holds up the chaos emerald* Don't blink *in a blinding flash of light he appears in front of Knuckles and kicks him into Sonic who dodged one more attack before being knocked over* CRUSH THEM BOTH NOW!

*Without missing a beat, the large alien raises both his hands above his head, ready to come down in a massive slam when the loud crunch of metal bending echoes through the hollow ruins, as the large alien grunts and falls to his knees. The fist of a black hedgehog, with red streaks on his spines, a small but pronounced scar over his left eye in a vertical pattern, clad in a smooth, simple, armor, sits planted in the now caved in chest plate of the large alien*

Small Occupant: *he stares for a few seconds* Now things get interesting.

So here is ch 1 of my revision project

Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman (c) Sega
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